Meeting The Lawyer

I know that there has been a lack of posts to this site – and that has been because the quest has been on for finding a solicitor.

I searched the internet, and emailed three firms. One didn’t respond, one responded with an email that showed they hadn’t read our email, and the third responded positively and quickly – and, importantly for us, could meet us outwith standard office hours of 9-5 weekdays only.

The internet search was pretty comprehensive to get it down to the three I tried to contact. I weighed up all the information pretty carefully; we need a lawyer that we feel comfortable with – someone we can actually talk to in a real and frank way, straight-up.

We think we found that in the end. We went with a female solicitor – about the same age as my wife, and from the same neck of the woods too.

Her website was really cool, and informative too. Not a big firm, not a fancy office. Perfect. Let’s face facts: I am logically and statistically the most likely to go first, so my wife has to have support at a pretty harsh time – she needs someone she can relate to properly. So I arranged for a meeting.

On top of all the plusses, this lawyer does home visits! How good can it get? She came over on Saturday at 11am, and we chatted round the kitchen table. She’ll email us draft wills and we’ll go forward from there.

It’s all really positive. The wills are only £60 each too.

She talked down being an executor or co-executor as we are not terribly complicated – but offered full support to my wife (or I suppose myself) as required – that might be even better.

In the meeting we talked about what would happen with our children should my wife and I come to a sticky end. My family is really not in the equation – too old for one thing, but my wife’s parents are 70, and her only sister lives hours away and hundreds of miles – which would uproot the children.

My wife’s father remarried a woman 23 years his junior, so I took the opportunity to have a chat with her (one on one) about this morbid topic – and, to my surprise,  she was “flattered” and “honoured” to be considered to bring up the children in the sad event of our joint demise.

It has to be said that if my wife and I died today, it would only be for 7 or so years, so it is not really a commitment per se. But it is really nice to know we’re covered. I even asked the unthinkable – would you still feel the same if something happened to your husband? After all, the oldest and infirmest person here is my father-in-law… and she still said she would be delighted to oblige us.

This is a great relief – this would provide stability and continuity to the children. Of course, it is an unlikely event – but that’s what contingencies are all about, and so we feel a lot happier that we have an idea of the what-ifs.