In my last post I was happy to report that we finally found a lawyer, but now (just a week on), I’m not so sure all is well.

We all have our own personal niggles, and I am no different; I have a problem with people not living up to certain standards. I get disappointed when I am oversold.

This lawyer has a nice website, and even little videos. She’s nice in person too. It’s all as I outlined in my last post. But there’s a but. Maybe there’s always a but.

My first action was to send a message via the contact form of her website – I specifically outlined what I wanted. She emailed back pretty promptly. I immediately replied with more detail, including my phone numbers, and asking what she would charge for two wills and executor duties.

Then I waited – for days – so I phoned and left an ansafone message with my name and phone numbers.

I got a phone call from her a day or so later, and we made the appointment for Saturday morning, I gave my address and postcode. I was a little bit irked that she hadn’t just given me the cost information – if she was going to be expensive, I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time on an appointment, but hey, perhaps she needs to see us to decide to take us on – and maybe then she would come up with the prices on the spot.

On Saturday morning she called early to make sure we had remembered about the meeting – a good sign in my book. However, she was quite late anyway – a good 25 minutes – and remember this is is the day of my daughter’s birthday party.

When she arrived, she was in jeans and a jumper, which was a surprise, but then it made it less formal, after all, it is the weekend and a home visit. But she began by saying that she didn’t read the email, and couldn’t remember the form stuff.

So I had to begin again with the whole story. She even asked my name, email address, and phone numbers, and jotted them down on her pad.

By the way, I have to say that I noticed all this, but was happy to let it slide. I made allowances that she may be very busy, and get a lot of enquiries that come to nothing. I assumed that now that she’d met us and taken notes, it would be all right.

We were expecting her to email draft wills within a few days to get the ball rolling.

Mid-week my wife noticed we had a new ansafone message – this lawyer had called and left a voice message.

The message was replying to the message I’d recorded on her ansafone before our meeting. She clearly didn’t realise that it was me – she was wanting to set up an initial appointment.

It hurts me to think this, but maybe this lawyer is scatter-brained.

You know, over the years, I’ve worked with quite a few lawyers, and none of them have come up to scratch; they all seem to fly by the seat of their pants – reading cases minutes before court, minimum effort and preparation.

I have had to do loads of work on contracts or conveyancing myself – and then hand it over to them. It’s always sloppy, and disappointing if you have been brought up with Hollywood movies and TV dramas where solicitors are up all night combing through evidence and trying really hard to make everything legally airtight.

Website advice is always about seeking professional help – see your GP before doing exercise or going on a diet – get a lawyer to check fine print, small print, and detail of contracts and documents.

Anyhoo. This one seems just the same as the rest of them. I’ll have to go through whatever she comes up with and fix it myself – and pay her the fee just to have the “check with a solicitor” tickbox ticked.