Into The Unknown

Welcome to my site in which I attempt to tackle the most difficult subjects about life. I have been putting it off, but now’s the time for me to face the unknowns I know about.

So I decided to do it all online as somewhere I can keep my findings and thought all together.

I was hearing recently about how we should encourage a ‘growth mindset’ in children, when I realised that I have to overcome my own ‘fixed mindset’ traits – I should stop trying to present only finished, ‘perfect’ work. I ought to stop hiding my workings and failures, and show it all, so that I can learn from comments and criticisms to get a better outcome, and growth.

I do not know how it will come out or where it will lead, so this will be messy. Like a stream of consciousness. I have no idea if this site will be any good to anyone but me, but hey ho; y’never know.

Being a blog, the most recent thing is first, so the start slowly vanishes down the page lists – which is fine if you have subscribed or have followed and are caught up with the story as it has unfolded.

However, instead, if you want to journey with me, following the thread of my timeline in chronological order, then click the BLOG button from the menu, or start here.


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