Death & Paperwork

I have searched online quite a bit, and it seems almost too simple! There is no hurry, it can be done within a week easily enough. It’s not expensive or difficult, and just involves a medical doctor and a registrar. Everything else is optional.

The Certification of Death (Scotland ) Act 2011 requires every death to have a “Medical Certificate of Cause of Death”,   “MCCD” or just “Form 11” to be completed by a medical doctor – and this is required in order to get the “Certificate of Registration of Death” or “form 14” that came into effect in 13th May 2015, which then enables the funeral to take place. I think this may be known as “form BD8” in England & Wales – where it also incurs a fee.

This doesn’t have to be the responsibility of next of kin…

  • Any relative of the deceased, or
  • Any person present when the person died, or
  • The deceased’s executor or other legal representative, or
  • The occupier of the property where the person died, or if there is no such person,
  • Anyone else who knows the information to be registered,

-can take the Form 11/MCCD along to register the death within eight days at any Registry Office in the country.

Offices of The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages have opening times that vary from one local authority to another.

To register the death, the registrar only requires the Form 11/MCCD, but other documents are recommended to be brought along, if they are to hand:-

  • The deceased’s birth and marriage certificate;
  • The deceased’s NHS medical card;
  • Any documents relating to the receipt of a pension or allowance from government funds.

I’ve seen site that recommend more – driving licence, passport, and even utility bills! There may also be a need to prove the identity of the person registering the death – maybe another utility bill or photo ID. I’m now thinking it might be an idea to telephone the particular registrar and ask beforehand.

When the registration is complete the registrar will give – free of charge:

  1. The Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14) – needed for cremation and burial;
  2. A Social Security registration or notification of death certificate for use in obtaining or adjusting Social Security benefits.
  3. An abbreviated extract (i.e. excluding cause of death and parentage details) of the death entry.

A full extract of the death entry is not free. Also, copies are usually needed for banking, insurance and all that comes about in settling all affairs, so the costs of paperwork can add up. I’ll try to get costs on this if I remember.

On some sites I see mention of a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (the ‘green form’) – which, the sites state, is required to book a crematorium. This doesn’t tally with the official Scottish government documentation, so it is either old information or only  applicable in England & Wales.


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