Funeral Parlour Visit

I popped into a local funeral parlour to get the scoop from a real person instead of the internet.

The chap gave me a leaflet and a business card. They have Funeral Plans of monthly payments by Direct Debit.

There are three types of funeral. A simple one (£3475), a more traditional one (£3865), and an expensive ‘comprehensive’ plan (£4400), all in association with Golden Charter Funeral Plans (which seems to be a finance company).

The differences between the plans:

  • Taking the deceased to a resting place within 15 mile radius is only during office hours on the simple plan;
  • The simple plan does not allow family viewing during office hours;
  • The simple and the traditional plans do not provide a list of mourners who sent flowers;
  • Apart from that, it’s down to coffins and limousines. Simple plan gets you no limo and the most basic coffin. One limo and a reasonable coffin for the traditional, and a superior coffin and two limos for the expensive plan.

I just don’t see where the money goes – the hire of a limo and a fancier coffin can’t be as much as £1000, can it?

Looking at the small print, the costs that are NOT covered are – extra services (embalming, flowers, additional cars etc), third party costs also known as disbursements (death certificates, crematorium fees or internment fees by the council etc), burial plots, and other costs – such as transporting the body, longer funeral services.

As I put before, the cost of burial is not cheap, and can suddenly go up any and every year on the whim of the city council.

City of Glasgow 2016:
£ 875.00 Internment
£1165.00 Lair               
£2040.00 Total         

– plus the simple plan here: add £3475 – that’s a whopping £5515… and that’s just for the basic funeral.

I have to budget for two of these – over £11 000! This is scary because I would have to pay for at least two plans on monthly instalments – and still have to find £4080 for burials -and that cost is constantly and unpredictably going up!

This won’t do at all. Maybe if I bought lairs at today’s prices it would help. Maybe if I whittled down the services, maybe if I looked at some alternative ideas then could be controlled.

It’s getting worse. I need ideas.




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