Funeral Poverty is a Thing

I had no idea before I started looking at funeral costs that it was such a rip-off.

Citizens Advice Scotland have done a report (which you can get from their website) which states:

“…a funeral in Scotland can cost somewhere between £2,600 and £8,000 depending on the service chosen and where you live.”

In another report (The Real Deal – which you can get from their webpage), CAS found that people are getting into debt because a family member has died.

“The University of Bath (2012) found that the cap on other funeral expenses of £700, which has been fixed since 2003, is leaving many families well short of the true cost of a funeral…”

These reports are short and easy to read, but shocking too.

I was amazed to discover that a man donated his body to medical research – thinking that he had avoided all costs. He told his family he had left his body to science and not to worry – but universities and hospitals are not legally obliged to accept donated cadavers, and they didn’t need that body – so the family were hit with unexpected costs!

It gets worse; the CAS mention an example where a chap was the only living relative of a man who died in debt – and so this poor fellow was unexpectedly saddled with the costs of the funeral out of the blue.

This could happen to anyone at any time. Yikes!


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