The “Talk”

Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

I had the “Talk” about death and dying with my wife, and I showed her the list, and we talked it through in broad general terms.

This is what we came up with:-

Organ donation – she’s got some kind of registered donor card scheme, and I have nothing. So we need to agree about getting that sorted out.

NEW UNKNOWNS: If you die in a hospital, it seems straightforward to have organ donation take place, but what if you die abroad? do your organs get used in the place you die – do they recognise the schemes? And what if you die at home – or in a home – do the organs need to be fresher?

We both agreed that we are not really after anything traditional or religious, we are not fans of eulogies and wakes, open caskets and so on. We have no strong feelings at this stage about cremation or burial.

I said I would quite like to explore green eco-friendly possibilities, and that I was once pro-cremation, but now I am thinking about burial – not necessarily in a graveyard – because I quite like the idea of being buried with things – like a time capsule.

This is because I realised that everything we know about the past is from death and burials. Without people being ceremonially buried with belongings, we’d know nothing.

I’d quite like to look into whether or not this would be possible.

We both agreed that cost would play a big part, though.


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